Gabriel Chocolate

IMG_2427Leave whatever diet you’re on before entering this post – so much sugar goodness that you won’t be able to resist. IMG_2432IMG_2429IMG_2430Gabriel uses fine chocolate made from freshly-roasted cacao beans from around the world. There are free tastings (which I got stuck into) of the day’s fresh chocolate, you will find hand-made chocolate dipped gelato bars and a range of gluten free and non gluten free ice-cream (and chocolate topping), you will also find cakes, freshly baked cookies, fruit, marshmallows and 5 senses coffee. So much to choice!IMG_2439IMG_2435IMG_2433IMG_2438G and I went for an ice cream, smothered in dripping, milk chocolate goodness, oh it was marvellous. IMG_2441IMG_2442We took our treats out to the lawn, bathed in the sunshine and devoured the ice cream.
It was yummo.
Much love x
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