Breakfast Review: The White Elephant

Sun, beach, food, smoothie, good company and the above incredible view – sound too good to be true? The White Elephant, situated at the Gnarabup Beach Boat Ramp (close to Margaret River) made this whole experience possible.

IMG_2488IMG_2493IMG_2510I had the green smoothie, which tasted a little too healthy for my own good. G ordered a banana/strawberry concoction which was a wiser decision. IMG_2519


Whilst we are waiting for food to arrive, let me tell you a little story.
Once upon a time, G + W were sitting at the White Elephant minding their own business, slurping away at their smoothies and attempting to take a sexy ‘drinking my smoothie‘ photo. They both pause to look out across the glorious, aqua tinted ocean and both suddenly become silent, eyes widen like deers in headlights, it was a James Bond moment. A tall, handsome man with a stomach that I could use as a washing board waltzes oh so perfectly out of the ocean.
‘ohhhhhhh good morning to you! Quick Whitt, take a photo quick’ – in a normal level voice, said G.
‘ahhhhhh ekkkkkkk ooooOOooOo, arghhhh’ – in a very non-subtle way, proceeded W.
‘Don’t let him see!!!!!!’ – as both girls giggle.
Phone then disappears with the girls content with their semi stalking efforts.
But the story doesn’t end there – handsome man, who isn’t as handsome as first thought sat down right next to the girls, his stunning girlfriend had been sitting on the table directly next door, thoroughly enjoying (I hope) two loser cruisers losing their marbles over her extremely ripped boy. The girls continued to laugh uncontrollably (having an ab workout of their own) as they shake their head in disbelief, pick up their items and move a few tables down.

Star of the story in the red shorts.

Star of the story in the red shorts.

check it - back of the photo, boy in hat... that is him. We moved far far away to avoid any further humiliation.

check it – back of the photo, boy in hat… that is him. We moved far far away to avoid any further humiliation.


so many giggles.

so many giggles.

Oh look food! IMG_2567We had our traditional morning meals; G with the muesli and myself with the GF bread with avo and a poached egg. IMG_2576IMG_2571IMG_2569IMG_2600IMG_2599IMG_2610IMG_2554

G: 7
W: 7
The view, atmosphere and shenanigans were better than the food itself. G didn’t rate the muesli high and my GF bread was good – but nothing to run home about.
However, if you’re down in the South West region of Western Australia I say you must drop in for a smoothie and bite to eat and then go for a dip in the ocean, tan on the sand or do whatever you want.
Much love x

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  • Rachel

    This looks amazing girls. Great photos – what camera do you use?