Breakfast Review: Bib and Tucker

Morning! I have a breakfast treat for you today (woohoo!)
For months G and I had been talking about making the trek (the whole 30 minutes) down to Leighton beach to try out Eamon Sullivan’s Bib and Tucker cafe. IMG_1276

IMG_1292Saturday was the day we finally ventured South, once we arrived we were quickly seated with a stunning view and ordered our much needed coffees stat.IMG_1170IMG_1167Bib and Tucker is very trendy with beautiful views and has a very relaxed vibe – perfect for a lazy, Saturday breakfast.
We sat back with our great tasting coffee and perused the stomach grumbling menu.IMG_1151IMG_1154

Our tummies at long last advised us what they wanted to eat, Bircher Muesli and Fruit – good choice little tummies, good choice.
There was a slight dilemma with my meal (of course) I was told the fruit platter was GF, but it sadly came out with some gluten filled oats sprinkled over the fresh fruit. A great touch if I wasn’t a Coeliac, but sadly back to the kitchen it went. The wait staff were very apologetic and quickly rectified the situation and had me reunited with my fruit, which I clearly enjoyed.

I love you, watermelon.

I love you, watermelon.

G ordered the tea soaked fruit, toasted nut bircher muesli which she throughly enjoyed (in her hot Kookai dress)IMG_1217IMG_1214
I was hoping Mr Sullivan was going to show his handsome face and ask us to join him on the soft, white sand for a bake and potential swim, but sadly he was a little busy and as time went on I admitted defeat and acknowledged he wasn’t going to show… which whatever. His loss.

We then headed on off to the beach (minus one E. Sullivan) with full tummies and boasting of a great experience at Bib and Tucker.
Just a little gossip for you, I saw your ears prick up, you naughty gossip queens – apparently they do a mean dinner; I can just imagine watching the sun set over Rottnest Island, with a glass of red and incredible food.
Shall we go? OK! See you there.
Much love x

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  • Ash

    you are frigging hilarious to read. love the blog whitt

    • Whitt Jago

      ohhhh stop it. Thanks for reading you beautiful girl! xx