Breakfast review: The Naked Fig Cafe

Wanna know a secret? A pretty cheeky one? G and I tanned our cheeky cheeks at the North Swanbourne Nude beach…. oh yes we did, well, for the sake of my parents, we were actually not that nude and actually not in the nudity ‘section’, but we did find ourselves giggling at a few saggy bottoms that would appear in the distance.
Anyway, the whole reason I am blurting out this secret is because we wandered up to the naked fig cafe and got ourselves a tasty smoothie from the tuck shop on the side of the cafe. We were so impressed with our smoothies that we popped into the cafe and met the very cheerful Royce (hi Royce!) we proceeded to make a breakfast booking for the following morning.

DSC_0749 We rocked up at 8am and were seated outside by Royce and were given this stunning, overcast view.
We then scanned, pursued and examined the menu. Sadly nothing was jumping out at us, but we ordered our drinks whilst slowly making our food decision (it is a big deal, people) DSC_0740DSC_0755DSC_0762
I strayed from normality (skinny FW) and ordered a green smoothie, G got her skinny latte – and the verdict was good, yay for good coffee. DSC_0746DSC_0771
Guess what I ordered? GF bread with poached eggs and avo did I hear you say? Why, you are so clever!
Verdict also good! Yay for good GF bread – it was really yummy and the avocado serving was very generous. DSC_0781DSC_0793
G ordered the strawberry and honey muffin – boy, it looked pretty tasty. The muffin verdict was that it was only OK. DSC_0787DSC_0789
So, what do I think of the Naked Fig Cafe?
Well, since you asked; I think it is a cute cafe, situated at the top of Swanbourne beach with stunning views full of wonderful people from the western suburbs world. But, I have a few buts. The menu wasn’t anything amazing and although it is written in a very witty manner the options were not overly exciting. Apart from Royce who only seated us, the service wasn’t very good, we were charged for soy milk when we didn’t order soy. We placed a coffee order but the waitress didn’t put the order through, we then waited 35 minutes for the coffee. So what do two girls do when they are waiting for the sun to appear from behind the clouds and for the long lost coffee?
Well, I slurp away at my green smoothie … because I am so classy.
…. and G? well, god love her, had a snap chat moment with D (hi D!).. and I totally caught her.

oh, I love her.

oh, I love her.

G: 5
W: 7
We were a little disappointed with the menu options and the service quality. But, if you want to go sit on the beach with a smoothie (and check out saggy ol’ bottoms) I would recommend treating yourself to a juice/smoothie/milkshake/icecream from the naked fig tuck shop and enjoy the Perth summer.

Love x

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  • Kristen

    You girls look so adorable. Thanks for sharing and I am a slurpper too :)

    • Whitt Jago

      There ought to be more of us out there, I think hehe x