Breakfast Review: Sayers Sister

DSC_0276Over this busy weekend of mine, I had a very brief brunch with my main girl – almost as brief as this post (sorry, we ordered, ate, chatted, finished and left) no time for photos – which is sad, because Sayers Sister is a delight to the eyes.

They have seating inside and out, tall tables, low tables and tables with comfortable old chairs (yes, that is where we planted ourselves). On the counter you will find a large selection of baked goodies, lollies and other naughty treats. The menu is packed with flavour and selection and is good for the gluten free eaters.

Every time I have been to Sayers Sister I have had to line up for a table, but thankfully we were able to waltz right on in and have a table of our choosing.

I ordered poached eggs on gluten-free bread with a side salad of rocket and parmesan.

IMG_2538DSC_0279G ordered scrambled eggs with avocado and pesto
I really enjoyed my meal, the gluten-free bread is really good (up there with Typika!) my eggs were cooked well and I always enjoy the rocket salad.
I 100% recommend Sayers Sister to you beautiful people, go with a group, a date or even on your own – good times to be had by all. x
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  • Raquelle

    I love your breakfast reviews. so cute to read. x