Breakfast review; Il Lido

DSC_027730 degree day, summer dresses, floppy hats and little bikinis is where it was at on Saturday morning for my main girl and I… before we lathered up our bods ready for baking we needed to fill our little tummies. We are both major fans of a perfect il lido dinner and this was my first time tasting the breakfast menu… and sadly, probably the last.

We ordered our normal coffees and had a little look at the menu, nothing jumped out at me. I did, however get a little excited when I was told there was GF bread so went ahead and ordered the avocado and ricotta with GF breadΒ DSC_0281

ohhhh people, I was so disappointed. The bread was stale, the tomato and avo was very average, there was just no love put into the dish – which is so crazy, because every single dinner I have had at Il Lido (and there have been many) has been incredible.
G didn’t have much luck either with the GranolaDSC_0279
We both left hungry and a little sad BUT we had the beach waiting for us, so all our worries were soon gone, we paid and were out the door. Before we love and leave Il Lido let me tell you how great the atmosphere is; every one is happy, you can sit high, low, out, in, in private, on long benches, it is colourful and very inviting. DSC_0282DSC_0283DSC_0286I can honestly recommend going for dinner, they serve up the most delicious potato skins ever. Maybe skip the breakfast though and go straight to dinner.

G – 4
W – 4.5

I love the atmosphere, the coffee was good and hellooooo we are right across from Cott beach – off to the beach we go.Β photo-1

DSC_02923hehe check out my sexy girl…
Love x

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