Breakfast Review: Typika

Typika, you had me, then you lost me, then you had me and then you kept me.

I am in love with this place, the decor, the location, the food and of course, the coffee. After a morning of bootcamp, fellow fitness fanatics and I trotted off to Claremont in search of a good feast (we deserved it)

We were saddened (this is when they lost me) when we had to wait 50 minutes for a table, we were all starving and the 50 minutes felt like 50 hours. We were getting grumpy and almost gave up and then we were finnalllllly seated.  We ordered coffees stat and were pleasantly surprised that they were on the house; an apology for the long (painful) wait.

skinny flat white was downed in 5 seconds... no lie.

skinny flat white was downed in 5 seconds… no lie.

The Artisian Roasted coffee (roasted on premise) was just delightful, I almost ordered a second, but my tum was screaming for food, not caffeine. Want good coffee? You must come here – and yes, they do take away!

Mushroom Filled Crepes

Mushroom Filled Crepes

C and A both ordered the mushie crepes. They both raved about them – mushie lovers, it was made for you.

Smoked cod and leek baked eggs (gf)

S ordered the cod and leek eggs, which I thought was a very brave choice… S said it was the best breakfast she has ever had. So, if you like fish, this is a must try.

Steamy Porridge

Steamy Porridge

G ordered the porridge, I think the photo speaks for itself… who can say no to a steamy bowl of oats?my staple dish I am very boring eater (not by choice) and more often than not I order gluten free bread with poached eggs and avocado. eerrrrmmmmaaagoosssssssh. I could do a whole post dedicated to this GF bread. It is amazing, for the duration of this breakfast, I felt again like a normal, bread eating person. It was wonderful. I asked where they order it from…. and they said Brisbane (not the answer I wanted or expected). Trip to Brisbane anyone?

We then all shut up and scoffed our incredible tasting food down, once we came up for air we discussed our ratings:

S: 8
A: 8
G: 8
C: 9
W: 8

Check out those extremely high scores. We all clearly forgave the 50 minute wait, clearly Perth people, you need to add Typika to your foodie list.

Oh and don’t forget the yummy take away cabinet:

Love xx

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  • Kelly S

    I live in Brissy I can ship some over to you!

    • whittjago

      Oh Kelly, please send over a large shipment. xx

  • Perth Foodie

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!! So happy you love it too. How amazing is the coffee.

    • whittjago

      Hey Perth Foodie – the coffee is incredible (and the food!) xx

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