breakfast at Cantina 663

photo stolen from Urban Walkabout xx

photo stolen from Urban Walkabout xx

G and I took our little bottoms to Cantina 663 in Mt Lawley on Saturday morning (after a gruelling bootcamp session) for a delicious breakfast. nom nom nom!


photo stolen from Small Bar xx

After studying the menu and being told the bad news that there was no gluten-free bread (uh oh, not happy) we both settled for a bowl of creamy Polenta porridge, with pear and rasins.

DSC_0634non gf option - yummy crumble on top xx DSC_0630


G – 6.5
Me – 6

The porridge was tasty, I would certainly eat it again, but we didn’t go crazy for it.
It should be noted that this was our second stop for the morning, we went into another cafe, but was told they didn’t use GF bread, so when Cantina also broke my heart with the news I was a bit disappointed. Apparently Mt Lawley cafes don’t approve of the GF bread! But in saying that, I do love Cantina, the staff were really friendly, the atmosphere is very cute, a good place to people watch and a cozy place for a first date. I would highly recommend giving it a go!

Before I love and leave you – if you just want a quick take-away coffee and muffin, pop into the little ‘order and leave’ counter in the astor arcade, it is really sweet and you have your own barista – he was kinda cute too (always a plus, right?).
Love xx

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  • Ali

    Polenta? wow, something I never thought would be good as porridge. thank for sharing!

    • whittjago

      I know right?! It was yummy though xx

  • Rach L

    YUM – no photo of the cute boy? haha

    • whittjago

      haha oh I wanted to – was a little shy. x

  • Stephie

    No GF bread? That is pretty poor form. The porridge looks yummy though :)

    • whittjago

      Pretty annoying, but I guess I can’t expect everyone to be GF friendly x

  • Sammie

    Looks great!