Moore & Moore

As the saying goes ‘Eat breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a peasant‘ I know a majority of you would completely disagree with that statement, but to me breakfast is my favourite meal – oh and trust me I take advantage of that quote (

Over the weekend, a small group of fellow breakfast lovers and I headed down to Moore & Moore in the heart of Fremantle. Freo is known for its rustic buildings, hippy laid back temperament (can a city have a temperament? anyway you know what I mean…) and good food/coffee. Let me show you what we had!


I had avocado, tomato and pesto on gluten free bread (gf bread here is really yum) DSC_0089
Kev had burnt butter, sage and roasted pumpkin – which he said was rich and advised to order it if you love pumpkin..DSC_0090
Jax had the potato dish (I have forgotten the name) that Georgina also had – neither J or G raved about it and apparently the mushrooms are a disappointment (so, beware! mushrooms are yuk anyway, right?)DSC_0093DSC_0091
Michael had the little pot of moore, which smelt amazing and if I wasn’t GF I would have ordered myself… DSC_0092


The majority of it got gobbled up, see below for our scores! Moore & Moore is a great cafe attached to an art gallery, which can host fashion parades, weddings or parties. I love the decor, it is very relaxed and has a great ‘Freo vibe’ (they can sometimes be not so great, trust me) I would recommend giving it a try for breakfast (or lunch or just for coffee).
This is how the team scored Moore & Moore:

Michael: 6/10
Georgina: 6/10
Jax: 5/10
Kev: 6.5/10
Me: 7/10

As a side note, it would be remiss of me not to mention the outstanding customer service. G, wanted (but didn’t get) the fruit toast, once this story was relayed to the French waiter, G was presented with a slice of the fruit toast (see below) thanks Mr Frenchman! xx


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  • QLD girl

    Yum looks fantastic! Freo sounds great :)

  • Donna

    oh whitt, i am so jealous of your life. Do you work? Or just go around blogging? amazing :)

    • whittjago

      Haha oh Donna, don’t be too jealous – I work full time don’t worry! I get all my exploring done over the weekends xx

  • Bella I

    Hey whitt, do you know of any great breakfast places in Syd? My partner and I are going over for the weekend. Any ideas would be awesome!

    • whittjago

      Hey Bella! I don’t really know Sydney that well at all I am afraid. I will do research and let you know xx