Mr Munchies Sushi

Happy Monday beautiful people – I trust you all had a wonderful weekend – Perth people how awful is this weather, bring on Summer, I say!

Anyway, I had a little date with my hot Brazilian friend, Andre. We had amazing chats, laughed a lot, Andre got me very excited about our upcoming Brazilian adventures and of course we ate incredible food (of course).


This amazing food we had (Spicy Tuna pictured above) was discovered at Mr Munchies Sushi (ermmmaaahhhhgosssssh why has this been kept from me?) I can’t tell you how much I loved this dinner, so much so, I have organised another dinner there this week (it is that good). With this being my fourth year in Perth, I have been bitterly disappointed that I have never been able to find sushi as good as Sush in Hobart (oh the things I would do for that sushi, you wouldn’t want to know)… BUT as with all good things, it comes with time (and loads of patience) Mr Munchies Sushi is going to be my new hang out spot (stalkers.. eat your heart out)

Enough about that lets talk about the food. As you all know, I hate fish, but due to doctors orders I have to include it in my diet… so, I am proud to say I ate tuna, raw tuna… snaps for me! IMG_3396 (Thanks Andre for making me eat it)

I chose the Chicken Lover Roll (because a) I am a chicken lover b) in case I hated the Tuna) and that was also delightful, I could eat it all day if I was allowed. IMG_3397IMG_3402

We also ordered the agedashi tofu – which I was told was gluten free (my tummy disagreed, lucky I didn’t eat much of it) but for the non GF people, it is really yummy and the sauce it was in was worth the churning stomach the next day. IMG_3401

The atmosphere is great, staff are friendly and helpful, decor is very casual and comfortable, the green tea is amazing (very important) and they come around and refill your cup (so american of them) and they make the sushi right in front of you – you know it is fresh and they have nothing to hide. (also very important to me) IMG_3400

Andre and I are naughty and both have a mega sweet tooth so we went and found my favourite treat – Tutti Frutti and I went mad, I have no self control in that place. As you can see I filled my cup to the top and with no shame polished the whole thing off. Andre was more delicate and stuck to a small amount and neatly placed the treats in order (such a gay, I love him) It was worth every single calorie. IMG_3405IMG_3406

We headed home with full tummies, big smiles and a new favourite sushi restaurant. You all must try Mr Munchies xx

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  • Sushi Lover

    You must come to Syd and try our amazing sushi rests, I think you would love them

  • Rachael M

    Well done on eating tuna whitt it is yummy right?! Love the post and you deserve a naughty treat for all the exercise you do :)

  • Emma B

    I must try this next time I am in Perth, thanks for sharing. You have made me want sushi for lunch now!

  • Debbie Bradshaw

    I just had sushi for lunch thanks to you!

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