Solomon’s Cafe

Well Perthites, do I have a treat (raw treat) for you! As you all know my sensitive Coeliac tummy doesn’t like to go out for beautiful meals, as I more often than not get a slight cross contamination that keeps me bed ridden for at least two days. BUT my beautiful friend Colleen treated me to a delightful meal at Solomon’s Cafe which has been open just over 3 weeks and is in the heart of Highgate (487 Beaufort St to be exact!) Let me introduce you to the cafe and show all the non Perth readers what they are missing out on (just another reason to come visit my beautiful state)

To start, we shared a bowl of beetroot chips

For my main, I ordered the chicken quinoa salad (highly recommend)DSC_0066
Colleen ordered the quinoa sushi (isn’t she pretty!)DSC_0067DSC_0070
They were both clearly incredible as we finished it ALL off in a short period of time and left a tidy mess (nom nom nom)DSC_0072

Now to my favourite (don’t forget dessert is the most important meal of the day!)- I can highly recommend the cheesecake. errrrmaaaahhhgosshhhhh amazing.DSC_0074DSC_0073

My twitter photo – do you follow me? x

All up the food was tasty (+ healthy and big servings), the customer service was extremely friendly and I loved the decor! I highly recommend giving Solomon’s Cafe a try out, even if you are not a clean eating freak, who knows you might surprise yourself and LOVE it xx
Just a cheeky photo of the chairs – I love the W, I think they had it there just for me (hehe)DSC_0058

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  • Bec

    OMG is this the raw cafe in perth? I have heard all about it. I did hear it was pricey though?

  • Claire R

    Thanks for sharing – I have heard very mixed reviews but will have to give it a go. The cheesecake does looks fantastic

  • Mia M

    Quinoa sushi!!!!! what? how do they keep it together? I am assuming it is all gluten free as you can eat it. That is great they have options like this for you tummy in perth. Great work

  • Lara T

    Hey whitt, I heard the place is really expensive and some of the meals are small. Did you find this? Thanks

  • Debbie

    Great review, thanks. Looking forward to trying it!

  • TS

    Hey just wondering what the best time would be to go? Do they do breakfasts too? The deserts look great. Thanks a million

  • MJS

    looks fantastic thanks for sharing

  • Dawn Passante

    Yes I have been there and love the place